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Managing Editor

Susan Cohen is a career journalist who grew up in Malden, Massachusetts. The second of four generations living in Tzfat, she is a basketball historian and lifelong community activist.


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A mediator and meditation and yoga teacher, publisher Aron Kita is a business consultant and entrepreneur whose projects are driven by the oneness approach that does not separate the material from the spiritual. He sees The Tzfat Herald as a vehicle to reflect this philosophy and to unite people who reflect the diversity of Tzfat.


Creative Director

Mia Suissa Abulafia is a mother, wife, and holistic entrepreneur. She is on a mission to raise a family based on true torah values.


She helps people around the world, to regain their health, through her holistic health coaching, catering, and social media presence. Follow her on instagram @intuitionkitchen.bymia

Contact her at


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Contributing Editor

Contributing Artist

Contributing Artist

Laurie Rappeport has been living in Tzfat since 1985 and has raised her five children here. She is on the board of the Edyth Geiger English Library and is very active in community affairs. She operates the popular Myrtle the Turtle Guest House.

Reach her at

Sarah Gittel Blumenthal is a multi-media artist and entrepreneur. A native of London, she is also a facialist and producer of local events. The proprietor of Sarah's Closet and Tiny Turtles, she is a London native and made aliyah 2 1/2 years ago after living in Dubai for 16 years.


Reach her at 058-793-7511.

The Tzfat Herald logo was designed by renowned local artist, Chanan Baer.


See more of his art on Instagram at @chananbaerartworks

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Contributing Artist

Contributing Artist

Renowned glass blower and painter Sheva Chaya enlivens her beautiful and popular gallery in Tzfat’s Artist Quarter, where she shares her story, artistic process, and unique insights with thousands of visitors from around the world each year.  She continues to develop her crafts, teach, and share her journey from her studio.  Originally from Denver, CO, Sheva Chaya has learned with top artists from all over the world, while simultaneously raising her family of 5 kids from her Tzfat home.

Contact her at


Yom Tov Blumenthal has travelled the universe, and opted to spend his mortal life on earth. Creator of surreal, pop Judaica fantasy art, his painting graces the walls of collectors worldwide.


Join the party at

Contributing Writer

Alison is has been a teacher of kabbalah and meditation for over twenty years, as well as a producer, composer and performer of sacred music. She and her husband Yehuda are the parents of four and made Aliyah from Los Angeles last year. Reach her at

Contributing Artist

Latvian born Yael Flatauer settled in Tzfat in 2018, intent on becoming a full time working artist. Her colorful and playful Torah- inspired art graces the walls of her growing legion of fans. Yael's focus has been slightly diverted by the birth of her son Nitai.

See more of Yael's art on her Etsy

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