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Local Coffee Spot Opens Patisserie

By Susan Cohen

With over 150 outlets throughout Israel, Cofix customers know what to expect- coffee and a cookie for a few shekels- nothing fancy. It’s a formula that works.

Tehilla Harris and her partner Yossi Ben Hemo have operated the Tzfat outlet on Rechov Yerushalayim for seven years. The tiny space is always buzzing with locals and visitors stopping for a quick cuppa or chug of fresh carrot juice. Their offering of fresh soup during the winter and the iced coffee is always a relief to the punishing heat.

Like every other small business, the weeks of closure and loss of foot traffic took its toll. Rather than sit idly waiting for restrictions to ease, the couple took the government economic incentives to reinvent their business and make it more viable.

They removed the tables, enlarged the space and designed a small but efficient kitchen. Tehilla, already an accomplished cook, took a master baking course online and developed innovative decorating techniques. Yossi installed the new equipment, enabling them to provide not only magnificent baked goods but crepes, waffles, and a full array of ice cream and frozen yogurt.

For Tehilla, the mother of four and daughter of American olim, good customer service is a cornerstone of the business. The crew is friendly and efficient, and their familiar, joyful faces are a testament to how the duo treats their employees. They maintain one of the cleanest restrooms in the city- another sign of the respect they have for their customers.

In tiny space, Tehilla produces a dazzling array of delectable confections. There are cupcakes, tarts, cookies and cakes. Parfaits, mousse, puddings, and stuffed macaroons line the display case, and you can even get a custom ice cream sandwich. She is an inspired pastry chef, and anxious to create special occasion cakes for her fast-growing fan base.

This dynamic duo has all the elements for successful entrepreneurship- an excellent location, a solid business plan, and a product that appeals to locals and tourists alike. Their attention to detail and respectful engagement with customers assure them success in our growing culinary landscape.

Cofix is open Sunday through Thursday 7:00-23:00

Friday 7:00-16:00

Saturday- ½ hour after Shabbat For Special Orders: 052-854-5502

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