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We’ve been living over a year with our children’s schooling in flux. We are stunned by the aftermath of it all. The whole world is struggling to find a new normal. How are we Tzfatim handling it all?

As my kids have transitioned back to school I have found myself pondering the impact it has had on all of us. How have we changed?

It seems those questions are pressing more and more on us all. How can we best prepare ourselves for the months to come, and for the summer stretch?

Children are incredibly resilient. It’s amazing to watch them as they bounce back and forth into their parallel worlds from zoom and back this school year.

Yehuda and I are new to Tzfat, have started to explore this newfound opportunity for engaging family activities in our area now that the lockdowns have ceased. Here are some of my finds…


Tzfat is a sports town and offers organized programs in Basketball and Soccer. My older boys have joined the basketball team and get coached 3 times per week by a professional basketball player. The best part is that now with the lighter restrictions they are able to have games with other teams from other cities. My kids also play American football with experienced coaches If your kids love sports, start finding ways to get your kids outdoors and playing now that spring is here. There are even local self-defense courses. The Wolfson Center offers an array of excellent activities. There have even been tennis lessons offered previously, and they are on my list to explore as future options for my family as well!


I am passionate about music- a gift I always dreamed to give my children. Tzfat is filled with musicians and artists and now has affordable options for music classes. My kids have been participating this month in Mayim Haim’s new music programs where they are learning to create, record, and produce their own music. I have friends that have their children enrolled in classes in Nof Kinneret. I’ve read of local harp, violin, and exotic eastern instrument teachers too.


From our local petting zoo to a variety of options to go horseback riding, we are blessed to be living in a thriving city built on a gorgeous mountainside. Tzfat is overlooking the Kineret with close-by options for swimming, hiking trails leading to hidden natural streams, bike trails, outdoor training boot camps and not to mention the playgrounds galore!

As Tzfat opens up our options for connection, creativity, and exploration with our community will grow and grow.

If you have a gift to share with the community, I encourage you to dive in. As an experienced meditation teacher, I am exploring ways to create Healing Circles here. What about you?

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