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PIZZA AL PONTE: Artisan Pizza in Tzfat

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Susan Cohen

I have not written a restaurant review in many years, but my delight in finding a local culinary diamond compels me to share the news.

Nestled at 55 Ha Palmach just above the gesher and a few steps beyond the bus stop is “pizza al ponte”, a cozy little spot featuring the best pizza I have had since I arrived in Tzfat.

Owner/chef, native Tzfati and English speaking Dudu Laredo has created everything- from the design and décor to the artisan pizzas masterfully produced from a wood burning stove. His love for Italy and his wife’s Roman roots are evident, and everything is white with Italian accents of red and green. The compact kitchen is top grade- a standard the trained cook maintains throughout the restaurant.

The pizza dough has no sugar or oil and is fermented for 24 hours. It is made fresh daily, and he offers over a dozen toppings and three luscious salads all made with locally sourced ingredients.

It’s my kind of crust- not too thick at the base and just thick enough at the rim. He's happy to make you the calzone of your choice, and there is also a spelt option. His tomato sauce is made from scratch and the beet sauce pizza is divine. The Marguerita style is traditional, and the Alfredo will have your mouth watering before you can get it off the plate.

The three salads are the perfect complement- a Caprese with basil, mozzarella and tomato, a ten-ingredient vegetable creation and an authentic Greek salad with lovely oil and lemon dressing.

To top it off there are dessert pizzas with fruits, chocolate and other mouth-watering treats. There are soft drinks and bottled beer and wine. The portions are excellent, the prices good, and its Mehadrin.

Sit inside, at one of the tables out front, or get your order to enjoy in the park or backyard. They are open from noon to 10 PM and delivery is available. Credit cards accepted. +972-04-644-4457

This eatery is a combination of things you don’t always find- delectable food, comfortable atmosphere, and impeccable cleanliness. It’s all coupled with excellent customer service and an affable host. It’s a welcome addition to our somewhat unimaginative gastro landscape.

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Yaron Charnes
Yaron Charnes
Jul 01, 2021

best pizza in town!!


Daljeet Kaur
Daljeet Kaur
Jun 30, 2021

Your review is mouth watering!!!

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