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SHLOMO’S ART RESIDENCE: Center for Music and Art

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The burgeoning local music scene took a huge step in establishing Tzfat as a music center when Shlomo's Art Residence (SAR) hosted a sold-out musical masterclass in 2020. The three days of musical and meditation workshops melded all disciplines in spirited, hands-on exploration, and was facilitated by piano virtuoso Inbar Geron.

With Covid restrictions finally eased, producer Shlomo Godsi has scheduled a new round of monthly, innovative master workshops including sports, gastronomy, theater, art, and yoga.

Godsi, a British ex-pat whose love affair and move to Tzfat came after a three-day visit in honor of his son's bar-mitzvah is a passionate music lover who has taken a leadership role in promoting the city as a center of music and art. He regularly hosts events in his art-filled home and his Friday night gourmet Shabbat meals are a sought-after invitation.

On the heels of the last spectacular event, the new string of workshops kicks off May 6-9 with a return visit from piano virtuoso Inbar Geron, whose relationship with entrepreneur and art patron Godsi has evolved into an ongoing partnership.

For Inbar, the opportunity to return to Tzfat and continue his collaboration with SAR is an exciting one and fits firmly into his own path to make music accessible to everyone.

"I realized that the spiritual air within the people in Tzfat brought an openness for music and the greatness it can create. It was also quite clear to me that, while the airy energies allowed for spontaneity and flow, without some grounding and channeling this energy cannot be transformed into something tangible. That's exactly where I felt that my musical training experience can be of service. The power of music really held the entire retreat at a very high energy level and the results were amazing. People really came out of the retreat transformed and with new musical tools that they can use in any part of their day-to-day lives."

The highlight of the retreat came Saturday night when the best of Tzfat’s local musicians, including Shalom Mizrachi, Levi Dovid Greenberg, Daniel Greenberg, Arie Guiloff, and Yaron Charnes joined with retreat participants for a spirited jam that highlighted the depth and creativity of Tzfat music.

While spots for out-of-towners are sold out, there are still spaces for residents.

“Tzfat is the ideal spot for learning and evolving spiritually and artistically,” says Godsi. “I am focused on coupling the uniqueness of this city with its rich history and helping to re-establish the city as a center of music and art.”

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